Our Core Values

Collective Impact’s approach to working with organizations and communities is reflected in our core values.  We focus on the strengths of our clients and engage them as partners in the process, recognizing that relationships are paramount. We take a holistic systems approach to working with organizations and communities and customize our services to address the unique challenges, needs, strengths, culture, and resources of each client. We hold honesty and integrity in high regard and are committed to quality and excellence. We have a passion for what we do and find joy in our work. 

Collective Impact uses creative and innovative strategies and is committed to continuous learning and growth. We demonstrate the principle of “teaching to fish” rather than “catching the fish,” realizing that this principle is essential for long-term success within organizations and communities. We emphasize diversity and inclusiveness, recognizing the value of involving all stakeholders in the process of building successful organizations and communities.

Strengths-based rather than problem-oriented – Often, organizations and communities view themselves with a problem-focused, deficit perspective. Collective Impact uses a strengths-based systems approach that emphasizes resources and capabilities.  We help clients see the glass half full rather than half empty.  We believe that the organizations and communities we serve have great strengths upon which to base change strategies.  We see our role as helping clients identify and maximize those strengths.

Clients are partners – Collective Impact considers clients to be more than customers.  We engage them as partners in the capacity building process.  Those who are closest to the organization or community matter most in the capacity building equation.  We recognize that their commitment and leadership is integral to the success of our collective efforts.  Our focus on customer service goes beyond serving customers to building strong partners.

Relationships are paramount – No lasting change can occur within organizations and communities without a trusting relationship among key stakeholders.  Collective Impact nurtures relationships and appreciates that relationships are key to everyone’s success.  We begin immediately laying the groundwork for this alliance, believing that everyone brings many things of value to the table.  This belief, combined with a respect for culture and diversity, allows relationships to flourish.  Because our services are strongly relationship-based, our commitments do not end when a formal contract ends.  The lasting bonds we form with our clients result in continued interaction and relationship evolvement.

Customized rather than “cookie-cutter” approach – Collective Impact recognizes that no two clients are alike.  We make adjustments to our methodology and services based on the unique challenges, needs, strengths, culture, and resources of our clients.  We do not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to building capacity in organizations and communities, but tailor services to best suit our clients.

Commitment to continuous learning and growth – The world around us is constantly changing.  Collective Impact knows that to serve our clients in the best way, we must continue to learn how things can be done better.  We are committed to “not getting comfortable,” or we will stagnate in our capacity building efforts.  We continuously create new methods and processes with organizations and communities to achieve greater results.

Inclusion and diversity – Collective Impact believes that inclusion and diversity are key elements of successful team efforts.  Our approach encourages active participation of all stakeholders in the capacity building process.  There are many talented individuals and entities.  It is only in including all of these diverse talents that the full potential within organizations and communities can be realized.

Creative and innovative – Collective Impact is creative in its approach and addresses clients’ needs with out-of-the-box solutions and strategies.  We believe that organizations and communities evolve through innovation.  Collective Impact encourages imagination and creative thinking among our network of capacity builders and within the organizations and communities that we serve.  We consider ourselves trend setters and are always ready to take risks, accept new challenges, and lead the way through innovation.

Honesty and integrity – Honesty and integrity indicate respect for others.  Collective Impact holds honesty and integrity in high regard in all of its interactions with clients.    We recognize these qualities as key to any successful and fulfilling relationship.  To be honest is to be real and build trusting bonds with clients.  Essential to honesty and integrity is open, clear, and concise communication.  Collective Impact always strives to communicate appropriately and effectively.

Train-the-trainer approach – In our commitment to build organizational and community capacity, Collective Impact uses a train-the-trainer approach.  We demonstrate the principle of “teaching to fish” rather than “catching the fish” for clients.  We recognize the importance of this principle for long-term success within organizations and communities.  Our approach enables our clients to gain the knowledge and skills needed to be effective and the confidence to apply those skills to make a great impact.

Passion for what we do and joy in our work –Collective Impact believes that to be successful, you must have a passion for your work.  We approach our capacity building efforts with enthusiasm and embrace each engagement as an opportunity to share that enthusiasm with clients.  We work hard and believe in finding joy in all that we do.  We recognize the importance of celebrating each success and enjoying the journey along the way.

Commitment to quality and excellence – Collective Impact is committed to providing the highest quality capacity building services for organizations and communities.  We continuously evaluate our outcomes to assure quality and excellence.  We are motivated by dedication to give nothing less than our very best.  We recognize that the ultimate indicator of our success is when our clients achieve their full potential.

Holistic approach – Collective Impact realizes that many organizations and communities operate in fragmented, restrictive, and systems-driven environments.  Their efforts are often isolated within categorical silos according to funding streams, operational regulations, and disciplinary theories and methodologies.  Collective Impact recognizes that issues faced by organizations and communities are multi-faceted and require holistic approaches.  We realize that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and that a comprehensive view can produce synergistic effects.  We take a holistic systems approach to capacity building and challenge our clients to adopt that view within their organizations and communities