Core Values

Collective Impact’s approach to working with organizations and communities is reflected in our core values.  We focus on the strengths of our clients and engage them as partners in the process, recognizing that relationships are paramount.  We take a holistic systems approach to working with organizations and communities and customize our services to address the unique challenges, needs, strengths, culture, and resources of each client.  We hold honesty and integrity in high regard and are committed to quality and excellence.   We have a passion for what we do and find joy in our work. 

Collective Impact uses creative and innovative strategies and is committed to continuous learning and growth.  We demonstrate the principle of “teaching to fish” rather than “catching the fish,” realizing that this principle is essential for long-term success within organizations and communities.  We emphasize diversity and inclusiveness, recognizing the value of involving all stakeholders in the process of building successful organizations and communities. To learn more about our core values, click here