Pandemic Recovery Stabilization Services

Addressing Current Needs

The pandemic period will be remembered as a time of incredible change in the way we work, communicate, and interact with one another. From face-to-face to virtual, social distancing, and contact-free service delivery, we have navigated a new world and continue to do so.

At the onset of the pandemic health crisis, Collective Impact made a pivot to continue providing quality services for our clients via various virtual conferencing platforms.  The nonprofit and governmental sectors have also had to pivot, change, and adapt to new ways of providing services and resources in this unpresented and rapidly changing time.

Collective Impact is offering an array of stabilization services to help you navigate this recovery phase of the pandemic, manage the positive transformation of your organization or community, be more prepared to get your recovery funding “out the door,” and make a greater impact, prosper, and thrive!

Recovery Stabilization Services

  • Assess your programs, organization, community, or service recipients to determine COVID-19 impact and identify stabilization strategies, solutions, and opportunities.
  • Develop a data-driven strategic stabilization plan to guide your organization or community’s work into the future.
  • Develop outcomes frameworks and score cards to evaluate the results and impact of your stabilization efforts.
  • Address your training and professional development needs using a trauma informed approach to proactively manage organizational change and stabilization.
  • Explore strategic alliances, collaborations, mergers, or integration tactics to get the most out of scarce stabilization resources and make a greater impact collectively.
  • Assess your financial resources, including exploring alternative funding options to stabilize your efforts.
  • Develop data systems to track and evaluate your pandemic response efforts providing a reporting source for your stabilization reporting needs.

If you can’t find what you are looking for in our list of recovery stabilization services, please let us know and together we can design and deliver the right service to meet your specific needs!