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Asset Mapping Module

Collective Impact provides organizations and communities with asset mapping tools that enable them to collect and analyze information about resources in the community.  The Asset Mapping module helps to identify the resource strengths and gaps in communities and establish a baseline resource inventory.  It allows organizations to efficiently collect and disseminate information on community resources.  It is powered by the Venue technology that is used for the Resource Directory module.
The Asset Mapping module makes it easy to catalog the assets and resources in communities with a user-friendly data collection template.  The web-based template allows users to easily enter organizational information into a series of data fields.  This information is archived in a database to enable users to produce asset directory reports.
Asset directory reports can be customized to meet the needs of diverse users.  The reports download into Microsoft Word format which allows users to edit the information and share it with organizations for a variety of purposes, including community assessment, service planning, information and referral, outreach, etc.  This information can also be shared with funders, policy makers, advocates, planners, representatives, etc.
Access is provided to the asset mapping data collection template and the asset mapping downloadable directory features for a set period of time. 
The asset database compiled from the Asset Mapping module is designed for easy integration into the Resource Directory module, which enables users to continuously update information and add new resources to the database.  The Resource Directory module is often the next step for organizations to ensure continuous asset mapping of the community.