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Resource Connections

(under development)
The Resource Connections module helps organizations and communities effectively coordinate human, financial, and material resources.  It links those needing resources with those who can provide them, connecting the right resource with the right opportunity at the right time.
The Resource Connections module promotes awareness of service volunteerism and helps link those who need volunteers with those seeking volunteer opportunities.  It provides a common site for organizations and communities to request specific skills or resources from volunteers, and for volunteers to identify volunteer opportunities, skills, and preferences.  The Resource Connections module facilitates the process of volunteer recruitment with a standard application and features to help pre-screen potential volunteers. 
The Resource Connections module also helps organizations and communities coordinate basic and emergency response resources.  It simplifies the process of identifying human, financial, and material resources with a central location for cataloging available resources.  The Resource Connections module standardizes the process for requesting needed resources and makes it easier for those who want to donate resources to identify what specific needs exist.
The Resource Connections module includes tools for users to easily document, track, and archive donated efforts and resources, including time, clothing, food, money, travel, and other investments.