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Information and Referral Management

The Information and Referral Management module connects to the Resource Directory and Resource Library modules to integrate information and referral (I&R) functions and improve information dissemination to clients about services and resources in the community.  It allows users to access general resource information from the Resource Library module and information about service providers from the Resource Directory module.  It coordinates I&R activities and streamlines workflow procedures, resulting in more time spent on direct client interaction.
This module helps organizations and communities more effectively provide I&R services on a variety of topics, including mental health, physical health, child welfare, emergency food and clothing, housing, child care, legal aid, etc.  In addition to I&R specialists, it can be used by social workers, physicians, mental health providers, clergy, and others who interact with people needing assistance.
The Information and Referral Management module includes documentation features that enable users to make notations about client needs and the information provided to clients.  It provides date and time stamp features to track when clients receive information, facilitating timely follow-up activities with clients.  The module allows users to print mailing addresses to send resource information to clients.  Reporting functions enable I&R data to be easily shared within organizations and communities and with policy makers, funders, regulatory entities, and the public.
The Information and Referral Management module helps organizations and communities to be proactive in service planning, with tracking features to analyze requests for information, identify gaps in services, and obtain client feedback.  It can revolutionize the way human service professionals and other service providers assist clients.