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Community Assessment

Collective Impact offers an array of community assessment services.   We define the term “community” as a geographic location (e.g., neighborhood, town, city, county, region, state, etc.) and/or a team of individuals and entities assembled around a common purpose (e.g., human services councils, small business associations, health collaboratives, community and economic development entities, etc.). 
Assessment services help clients examine their community (or some component of it) for planning, development, or evaluation purposes.  They provide information to help clients be more educated and strategic in their decision-making. 
Collective Impact conducts general community assessments as well as targeted assessments with a focus on specific areas, such as service needs, community infrastructure, resources and assets, community strengths and challenges, etc.  We offer a unique approach to community assessment that engages key stakeholders to actively participate in work sessions.  We also help communities to establish a framework for coordinated and ongoing assessment activities. 
Collective Impact uses various methods to collect community assessment data, including surveys, discussion groups, key informant interviews, and related data reviews.  Information can be obtained from diverse target audiences, such as human service providers, education entities, health organizations, business and industry, community residents, and cross-system audiences. 
Rather than producing a report that "sits on a shelf," Collective Impact compiles and presents assessment findings in a format that allows individuals and organizations to easily access and use them.  Assessment data can be used for education and outreach, service planning and design, advocacy, decision-making regarding funding allocation, etc.  
Collective Impact customizes our approach to community assessment and tailors activities to meet the specific needs and budgetary considerations of each client.  We work with communities to provide the scope of assessment services that they need, whether it is a check-up from prior assessments or a full-scale assessment initiative. 
Collective Impact offers Internet-based services to support community assessment activities.  The Asset Mapping module helps to identify the resource strengths and gaps in communities and establish a baseline resource inventory.  The Venue Data Gallery includes modules that help communities collect, archive, assemble, and share data.  The Venue Resource Gallery includes modules that enable communities to map and archive assets and resources.