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Bruce E. Decker is the founder and owner of Collective Impact, LLC.  Bruce has been providing capacity building services for organizations and communities for over 20 years and has also worked with members of the Collective Impact network for many years.  Recognizing the need for clients to have access to a comprehensive array of services provided by consultants with diverse expertise, Bruce established Collective Impact. 
Collective Impact is the intersection of various sources of knowledge and experience coming together to facilitate progress within organizations and communities.  It represents the cooperative efforts of many talents uniting to serve as a catalyst for great results.
Collective Impact draws from a diverse network of capacity builders to provide capacity building services for our clients.  This network represents many years of combined experience, bringing a deep understanding of the diverse and ever-changing needs of our clients, as well as the solutions to help them better serve their target audiences, improve their operations, achieve their mission, realize their vision, and thrive.
Collective Impact can better meet the needs of organizations and communities due to our extensive network of capacity builders.  This network creates a synergy of success that brings great results to our clients.  Our network of capacity builders includes the following:
Collective Impact continues to develop and expand the network of capacity builders.  With our creative approach, we can better provide organizations and communities with holistic capacity building opportunities.  Together, we are making a great impact collectively and shaping a more promising future for the organizations and communities we serve.
For more information, contact us at:
Telephone: 724.728.3368