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Leslie Stone - Stone Strategies

Leslie S. Stone is the founder, owner and operator of Stone Strategies, LLC. Stone Strategies is a consulting firm offering services including facilitation, planning, evaluation and training. These services are currently being applied with clients working in the areas of economic development, community development, mental health, faith-based family support, entrepreneurship, child abuse and neglect prevention, and state and city government, among others.
Leslie worked for West Virginia’s Governor’s Cabinet on Children and Families from 1994 to 2005. She served as Senior Specialist for Coordination and Community Support. In this role she provided technical assistance to WV’s Family Resource Networks (FRNs), which are county-level, cross-discipline service coordinating bodies. The work involved partnering with local communities for meeting facilitation, resource identification, problem-solving, training, community leadership development, and building the involvement of parents, local community members and service providers in decision-making about their communities. Leslie also worked to promote local-state partnerships and state-level, cross-agency efforts to improve services to children and families. She has provided facilitation, meeting planning and staff support to the Governor’s Citizens Advisory Council, the Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council, WV’s System of Care Collaborative and other state-level groups focused on systems reform. She has worked with the West Virginia Legislature, community groups and senior state officials in policy development.
Before working in the Governor’s office, Leslie was employed by several private, non-profit agencies serving children in and at-risk of out-of-home placement and their families. Her work included training, graduate level teaching curriculum development, behavioral interventions, parent education, foster parent certification, program management, and resource development and linkage.
Leslie has a background in education. She taught in and developed a pilot classroom for elementary students in gifted education programming with Montgomery County Schools in Kentucky for three years. Leslie was employed with Jackson County Schools working with children with behavior disorders in grades K-12, and their families in rural West Virginia for six years. 
Leslie holds a Master of the Arts in Education from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky. She has post secondary certifications in Behavior Disorders from West Virginia College of Graduate Studies and Mathematics Education Research from the Mathematics Consortium for Applications and Problem Solving at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Education specializing in elementary and Kindergarten from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky.