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Trish Hatfield - CharacterEthics

Trish Hatfield, president of CharacterEthics, helps people build skills, co-create solutions, and explore tough issues that lead to better performance as individuals and communities.
As a Trainer, Trish teaches ethical decision-making skills and facilitates Appreciative Inquiry. These promote a rigorous exploration of values and performance. As a Consultant, Trish encourages a thinking-partner relationship, listening for what is valued and asking clarifying questions that encourage sustainable solutions. As a Facilitator, Trish creates a safe learning environment where people can discuss tough issues, explore possibilities, and discover collective wisdom.
Trish has worked in the field of education and community development for over twenty years. Starting out in the public school system as a volunteer, she ended up securing and distributing state grants, training teachers and service personnel, co-designing state-wide conferences, designing assessment, and lobbying on the state level.
For the last five years, she has worked with groups as diverse as education institutions (K – graduate level), faith-based communities, substance abuse programs, domestic violence prevention and child abuse prevention programs along with community development initiatives. She’s worked with students, staff members, administrators, board members, and volunteers. The focus of this work involves aligning core values with performance while taking in consideration the immediate context and available resources.
She co-authors periodic on-line articles on Appreciative Inquiry to encourage the development of a learning community gathered around discovering what works and amplifying peak experiences for a better future. For the last four years she has been co-director of The Poverty/Ethics Project which is adapting an ethics curriculum to make it accessible for those struggling with poverty, substance abuse, and domestic violence.
Although she spends most of her time working in West Virginia, she has a client base in Missouri and Illinois.
Trish is a certified trainer of the Institute of Global Ethics and LeadershipPlenty WV. She is a moderator for the WV Center for Civic Life and is a staff member for their annual Institute. She is becoming certified in Appreciative Inquiry by Case Western School of Business and is finishing her Master’s Degree in Humanities from Marshall University for which she is also an adjunct faculty member.