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The Survey module helps organizations and communities collect, archive, assemble, and share data.  Access to information in a timely manner enables clients to be more responsive to the needs of their audiences.

This module allows clients to quickly develop survey templates so that they can collect the data that they need about their organization, clients, or broader community.  It aggregates the data and enables users to view textual and graphical reports.  Information can be gathered and analyzed efficiently and continuously.

With the Survey module, clients can examine their organization, assess customer satisfaction, document outcomes, and demonstrate progress in a common location.  Information can be easily shared within organizations and communities and with customers, funders, and the public.

Customized hard-coded data template(s) can be developed to meet clients' unique needs.  Also, information stored in existing databases can be imported into the Survey module to enable archiving and reporting in a centralized location.  These customized services are offered on a per-job basis.