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Resource Directory

The Resource Directory module addresses the needs of organizations and communities to catalog diverse resource information in an interactive and searchable database environment.  It establishes a centralized information clearinghouse that enables users to find information and resources at their convenience.  Resource information can be continuously updated to ensure that it is current and meets the ever-changing needs of users.

The Resource Directory module allows users to easily add and edit resource information.  Public users can also add and edit resource information to be approved for posting on the website.  The module also includes search and mapping features so that users can easily find the resource they need and the location of that resource.    

The Resource Directory module gives users the ability to download comprehensive and customized directories of resource information.  These directories can contain information about organizations, community and human resources, businesses, products and services, etc.   Directories download into Microsoft Word format which allows users to edit the information and share it with others for a variety of purposes, including assessment, planning, marketing, information and referral, etc.