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About Us

Who We Are
Collective Impact, LLC is a network of consultants that provides capacity building services to help organizations and communities thrive.  The network was formed to provide organizations and communities with comprehensive consulting, media, and technology resources that strengthen their ability to achieve their mission.
Collective Impact helps organizations and communities build capacity.  Capacity is the ability or power to do something or get things accomplished.  We define capacity building as “strategies or solutions that empower organizations and communities to operate more effectively and efficiently.”
Collective Impact uses a strengths-based approach in building capacity.  Organizations and communities often focus on their problems or needs.  We believe that those we serve have great strengths to build upon.  We see our role as helping identify and maximize those strengths by using an approach that emphasizes resources and capabilities.  This approach is reflected throughout our values and operating principles.

Collective Impact is not only the name of our consulting firm, but it is also our overall philosophy and approach that we use with all of our clients in every project with which we are involved.  It is our guiding principle that directs how we interact, perform, and succeed with our clients. 

 Our Vision

Collective Impact's vision is "for organizations and communities to thrive." Our vision is the ultimate state that we are working towards. We exist to help realize our vision.
We believe that successful organizations and communities have the following characteristics:
  • Collaborative leadership – This refers to the belief that leaders exist at all levels of an organization or community. Collaborative leaders demonstrate high levels of trust, achieve team work, and are willing to give something up for the greater good.
  • Effective and efficient infrastructure – This includes those things that make organizations and communities function well, such as proactive communication, continuous learning, financial integrity, data-driven decision-making, etc.
  • Innovative action – This refers to the implementation of “out-of-the-box” ideas, processes, tools, and solutions to achieve greater results.
  • Favorable market presence – This includes strong images and positive public opinion of organizations and communities and their efforts.
  • High social capital – This refers to the connections and networks that exist within and among organizations and communities and the value that these hold for their members.
  • Continuous learning – This consists of on-going assessment and evaluation of organizations and communities to identify more effective and efficient ways of operating.
  • “Thrivable” development – This refers to the ability of organizations and communities to exist beyond basic sustainability by getting the most out of their resources to achieve the greatest impact possible.  
Our Mission
Collective Impact's mission is "to build capacity with organizations and communities to help them achieve their mission and thrive."

Our mission directs our efforts in working with clients and serves as a guide for achieving our vision.
For more information, contact us at:
Telephone: 724.728.3368

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Collective Impact provided planning and coordination, facilitation, and research services to assist Ridgeline and the WV Governor’s Early Childhood Planning Task Force in the creation of the development plan for Early Childhood in West Virginia.

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“Bruce Decker was extremely flexible and accommodating.  His Collective Impact team did a very thorough and professional study for us.”  ~ John David - Director, Southern Appalachian Labor School (SALS)

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